Office of Research Support

Our team is here to help you with your research needs including: research planning, feasibility review, development, and implementation. Regional directors facilitate research within our CHRISTUS facilities.

We provide our researchers with tools and processes that support innovative, financially responsible, and ethical research. From our research portal iRIS, rigourous scientific training with CITI, and the CHRISTUS Health Institutional Review Board we are excited to continue raising the bar for research at CHRISTUS Health.

Need iRIS help?

For password retrieval, basic troubleshooting, and internet/connectivity issues, please contact the IM service desk at 1-888-681-5123.
For new account setup and submission troubleshooting, please contact the CRI Support Team at You can also visit our iRIS Information Page to view training videos, tip sheets, an overview of the submission process, and frequently asked questions.

Recent Publications

  • Hernandez-Garcia, R., Garza-Gonzalez, E., Miller, M., Arteaga-Muller, G., Galvan-de los Santos, A. M., & Camacho-Ortiz, A. (2015). Application of the ATLAS score for evaluating the severity of Clostridium difficile infection in teaching hospitals in Mexico. The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases : An Official Publication of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases19(4), 399-402.
  • Piccinini, P. S., & Doski, J. (2015). Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich syndrome: a case report. Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia E Obstetricia : Revista Da Federacao Brasileira Das Sociedades de Ginecologia E Obstetricia37(4), 192-196.
  • Sterling, J. P. (2014). Silver-resistance, allergy, and blue skin: truth or urban legend? Burns : Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries40 Suppl 1, S19-23.
  • Staudt, A. M., Alamgir, H., Long, D. L., Inscore, S. C., & Wood, P. R. (2015). Developing and Implementing a Citywide Asthma Action Plan: A Community Collaborative Partnership. Southern Medical Journal,108(12), 710-714.
  • Gellert, G. A., Ramirez, R., & Webster, S. L. (2015). The rise of the medical scribe industry: implications for the advancement of electronic health records.JAMA313(13), 1315-1316.
  • Ng, Y.-T., Gospe, S. M. J., & Sahin, M. (2015, August). Pediatric Neurology 2014 Trainee Publication Award Winner: Dr. Mitchel T. Williams. Pediatric Neurology. United States.

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